So how did Egg Harbor get it’s name? Keep reading for our version.

There are several conflicting stories about how Egg Harbor got its name. One of the favorites, however, had to do with an incident that allegedly occurred in 1825, 28 years before the village was founded and 36 years before it gained official status.

As the story goes, six boats owned by Pierce Roulette, a French fur trader, were headed for Mackinac Island. Along with other supplies, the boats carried a large number of eggs. One day, Commodore Roulette ordered the paddlers to put ashore for lunch in a sheltered cove.

Traditionally, the commodore’s boat led the others. This time, however, another boat took the lead. The commodore ordered the other boat to fall back, but the paddlers refused. Then, the sore goes, the crew of Roulette’s boat began throwing eggs at the other boat. That boat’s crew retaliated and soon both boats and their crews were covered with raw eggs.

However the village came by its name, it is today a popular destination for visitors longing for simpler times.

A leisurely stroll downtown delights the eye with shops, galleries and restaurants located in lovingly restored historic buildings and in newer buildings that capture the village’s old Wisconsin charm.

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