The Best Time to visit door county“What’s the best time to visit Door County?”

People ask us this all the time, and they’re usually surprised by our answer. Yes, the late spring is beautiful as the cherry trees blossom, flowers wake up from hibernation, and the crowds begin to breathe new life into the peninsula.

In July the county is infused with energy from the packed shops, restaurants, and roads. The water warms at the beach, the sun beats down heavy, and this becomes the best place in America to spend the Fourth of July.

And October is festival time. The fall harvest arrives and so do the gorgeous fall colors. Football barbecues send the smell of brats through the air, and the county gears up for two exciting, packed weekends of festivals in Fall Fest and Pumpkin Patch.

But none of those times are our favorite. That honor falls to September, when the weather often remains near summer temperatures, the leaves and grass remains a lush green, and the roads clear for guests to feel like the county belongs to them.

Why September is the Best Time to Visit Door County

1. Empty restaurants and relieved servers.

Husby's, Sister Bay
Get to know your bartender in September at mainstays like Husby’s in Sister Bay.

OK, not completely empty, but during September weekdays, you’ll find that your glass never goes empty at the bar, your food gets a little extra special attention, and your servers never go missing.

Any server will tell you that by mid-August, their patience wears thin from three months of working doubles in packed dining rooms. Come September the county breaths a collective sigh of relief, and bartenders and servers go back to having conversations with customers, sharing inside tips, and making friendships that last for decades.

2. Great weather.

Egg Harbor beach.
A September sunset over the Egg Harbor beach.

The average daily high in June? 74. In September? 69.

It’s not just air temps. The water at the beaches is often comfortable well into September, and you can read a book or splash with the kids on a beach all to yourself.

That great weather is also a boon for cyclists who want to explore the county without dealing with summer traffic, boaters who seek empty harbors, and especially golfers, who have their pick of tee times and courses (Door County offers 9 of them!).

3. Peak Farm Markets.

Egg Harbor Natural Gardens at sunrise
Sunrise at Egg Harbor Natural Gardens.

Local gardeners and farmers show up with full trucks in September as the fruits of their summer toil come to benefit the rest of us. At Bay Point, you can take advantage of our bounty from Myles and Mary’s Egg Harbor Natural Gardens!

4. Fun underrated Door County events.

Peninsula Century Fall Challenge Door County cycling
The Peninsula Century Fall Challenge finishes at Waterfront Park in Sister Bay Sept. 17.

Check this out.  September brings athletes to the Door. cyclists get two amazing rides – the Door County Century in Sturgeon Bay, and the Peninsula Century Fall Challenge at Sister Bay’s gorgeous, freshly expanded Waterfront Park.

Plus, there’s the Hey Hey 5k Run at the Door County Brewing Co. Sept. 24!

If you’re not into cycling or running, how about the Egg Harbor Ale Fest Sept. 17? Try scores of beers as you soak in the view from Harbor View Park.

So come see us in September and see why we love it in the fall!