One of the reasons people come back to the Bay Point Inn year after year is our amazing breakfast, included with your reservation.

Here we go beyond cereal, frozen donuts, and bland bagels.

Our innkeeper rises early each morning, often heading out to his own garden to pick vegetables and fruit for the days breakfast (in season of course!). Homemade baked quiche in flavors that change with the harvest, plus scones and fresh-baked Belgian waffles await your bleary eyes.

Of course, we have the traditional fare as well – coffee,  juice, and fresh fruit.

Farm Fresh Breakfast

Enjoy breakfast delivery to your villa from 8-8:45 am and savor the season with a homemade farm fresh breakfast featuring ingredients fresh from our Innkeeper Myles Dannhausen’s garden in season, and sourced from our local neighbors whenever possible. (Breakfast will be delivered on a tray jack outside your Villa entrance at the requested time and we will knock on your door.)

Breakfast Menu

  • Quiche Lorraine 
  • Fluffy homemade Belgian Waffles
  • Homemade Door County Granola from Ellison Bay’s Door County Love Granola
  • Fresh Cut Fruit
  • House made freezer jams
  • Cheese from Renard’s Cheese Factory
  • Flour Girl Patissier Scones 
  • Jorns Sugar Bush Maple Syrup
  • Cherry Cheese Danish
  • Rishi Teas
  • Sunset Blend Coffee